Meijer State Games of Michigan – Marquette Winter Games Returns in February 2024 with Exciting New Sports

Marquette, MI – The Meijer State Games of Michigan Marquette Winter Games is a multi-sport, Olympic-style event that welcomes athletes of all ages and abilities. The 2024 Games are scheduled for February 9-11 (most events) and February 17 & 18 (figure skating). Organizers are thrilled to announce the addition of four exciting new sports to their winter sports lineup: archery, rifle, pickleball, and snow volleyball. These new additions promise to bring fresh excitement and increased
participation to one of Michigan’s premier winter sports regions. The Games would not be possible without enthusiastic volunteer sport operators and supportive venues, and there are a few new ones getting in on the action this year.

Rifle and archery, precision sports requiring focus and accuracy, add a competitive edge to the Winter Games. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their marksmanship skills, creating a dynamic atmosphere that celebrates both athleticism and precision. Indoor Archery will be held at Straightline Archery in Ishpeming, operated by Shelly Saxwold and Randall Wellings. This is an amazing venue and Shelley and Randall could not be more excited about being part of the Games. Simultaneously, the Negaunee Rod & Gun Club will host the .22LR Rifle competition. The NRGC is another fantastic facility and Brett French and the members of the club will host a great competition.

Pickleball, a rapidly growing paddle sport, combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Its fast- paced nature and accessibility make it a perfect fit for participants of all ages and skill levels. Organizers are proud to introduce Team Pickleball to the Winter Games, providing a platform for both experienced players and newcomers to showcase their skills. Pickleball will take place at the Baraga Gym with plans to move it to a larger venue for 2025.

Snow volleyball, another exciting addition, brings the energy of beach volleyball to the winter wonderland. Played on snow-covered courts, this thrilling variation of the popular summer sport adds a new dimension to the Winter Games, combining skill, strategy, and teamwork in a unique setting that captures the spirit of the season. Snow Volleyball will join Bowling at the River Rock Lanes & Banquet Center in Ishpeming with Clay Sandberg being the host. Snow Volleyball consists of four-person teams (subs allowed) with games taking place in the parking lot of River Rock Lanes.

“We are excited to introduce these new winter sports,” said Julie Shields, Director of the Meijer State Games of Michigan. “These additions reflect our ongoing commitment to offer a diverse range of sporting opportunities and create an inclusive environment for athletes of all ages and skill levels. We look forward to seeing the energy and enthusiasm these new sports will bring to the Winter Games.”

In addition to these new sports, the Games feature a diverse and exciting sports lineup, showcasing the spirit of athletic competition across various winter disciplines. Athletes from different age groups and skill levels come together to participate in a range of traditional winter sports, including figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, sled hockey, bowling, wrestling, luge and curling. These games not only celebrate the passion and dedication of the participants but also promote community engagement and healthy living through winter sports.

This event would not be possible without the support of all of our wonderful sponsors. Current sponsors of the Meijer State Games of Michigan – Winter Games are Meijer, Northern Michigan University, Eagle Mine, Peninsula Fiber Network, Travel Marquette, Staybridge Suites, Krist Oil, Great Lakes Sport Commission, SAIL Disability Network of the Upper Peninsula, and the Special Olympics Michigan.

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Meijer State Games of Michigan – Winter and Summer Games is a multi-sport, Olympic style event(s). The Games welcomes athletes of all ages and abilities to compete. Each year 50+ sporting events take place and over 10,000 athletes compete in the Meijer State Games of Michigan. Like the Olympics, the State Games feature an Opening Ceremony for athletes. The Meijer State Games of Michigan is a member of the National Congress of State Games and is one of thirty State Games programs in the U.S.

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