Sports Development Grant Program

Sports Development
Grant Program

The Great Lakes Sports Commission’s (GLSC) Sports Development Grant is designed to support and  foster projects and events that promote and develop the northern Michigan region as a premier destination for sports, recreation, and tourism. This GLSC is dedicated to enhancing the economic,  cultural, and social well-being of the region by providing financial assistance to organizations hosting  sports and recreation events or projectsthat align with our mission.

Grant Amounts

Grants of up to $25,000 are available to eligible applicants. Grant awards will be determined based on the  nature and scale of the project or event, potential impact on the region, and other relevant factors.


To be eligible for the Sports Development Grant, the applicants project or event mustmeet the following criteria: 

  • Location: Must take place within the 36-county northern Michigan region. 
  • Alignment: Must align with the program’s goal of promoting sports and recreation development in the northern Michigan region. 
  • Impact: Must have the potential to generate significant economic benefitsfor the northern Michigan  region.  
  • Timing: Applications must be submitted a minimum of 90 days in advance of the start date.
  • Completion Report: Recipients must submit a final report within 30 days of completion. 
  • Frequency: Applicants may only apply for funding one time per calendar year. 
  • Support: Applications should include a letter of support from either the local convention & visitors  bureau and/or economic development office. 

Use of Grant Funds:

The following lists examples of potential qualifying funding uses. Requests that directly support new event opportunities or enhance the impact of existing events will be given highest consideration. 

  • Event Planning and Execution: Grant funds can be allocated to cover various expenses directly related to the planning and execution of the event. This includes venue rental, permits, and event production costs. 
  • Marketing and Promotion: Funds can be used for marketing and promotional activities to attract  participants, spectators, and tourists to the event and the northern Michigan region. This may include  advertising, digital marketing, social media campaigns, and promotional materials.
  • Participant and Spectator Experience: Funds can be used to enhance the overall experience for  participants and spectators. This may involve providing amenities, entertainment, and services that  contribute to the event’s success and appeal. 
  • Community Engagement: Promote community engagement by allocating funds for activities that include and benefit local residents. This might include workshops, clinics, or youth programs that run in conjunction with the event. 
  • Other Event-Related Expenses: Grant funds can be used for other event-related expensesthat directly contribute to the success and objectives of the event, as detailed in the grant proposal. 

It is important to note that grant funds must be used in accordance with the budget as submitted in the grant application. Any significant deviations from the approved budget should be communicated to the  Great Lakes Sports Commission for review and approval.

Application Process:

Applicants should submit a comprehensive grant application that includes: 

  1. Project or Event Details: Provide a detailed description of the project or event, including its purpose, scope, and expected outcomes. 
  2. Budget: Present a clear and itemized budget for the project or event, including projected expenses and revenue sources that clearly shows how the grant funds will be utilized. 
  3. Impact Assessment: Describe the anticipated economic, cultural, and social impact ofthe project or event on the northern Michigan region. 
  4. Marketing and Promotion: Outline the strategies for promoting the event and attracting participants and visitors to the region.
  5. Supporting Documents: Include any letters of support, or details that strengthen the  application.

Selection Process:

Applications will be reviewed by the GLSC grant committee. The selection process will consider the  project or event alignment with program goals, potential impact, feasibility, and funding availability. 


Application Period Opens: January 1, 2024 

Application Deadlines: March 31; June 30; September 30; December 31 

Grant Determinations: May 15; August 15; November 15; February 15 

Reporting Requirements: 

Recipients must submit a final report detailing the outcomes and impact of the project or event within  30 days of completion. This report will help evaluate the success of the grant program and inform future  funding decisions. If a final report is not completed, the applicant will be ineligible to receive future  funding through GLSC. 

Apply Now

The Great Lakes Sports Commission’s (the “Commission”) mission is to promote northern Michigan as a  premier destination for sports, recreation, and tourism. The Commission offers the opportunity for  qualified applicants to apply for grant funding to support projects or events that enhance the  economy and quality of life within the 36-county northern Michigan region. Applications are reviewed quarterly and must be submitted by appropriate deadlines.

Completed applications must be submitted using the web-form below, or by downloading the form and emailing it to

GLSC Grant Application Form

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